Staff and Volunteers

Hawthorne Community Center would not be able to operate without the help of our amazing staff and volunteers. Our small staff relies on a wonderful group of volunteers that help with day to day activities at the center. Our volunteers are at the center of many of our programs.

Hawthorne Community Center Staff

  • Patty Collins - Director
  • Sam Price - Head of Programming
  • Amanda Walsh - Treasurer
  • Christine Hall & Owen McDaniels - Certified Fitness Instructors
  • Susan Baker - Accounting
  • Vanessa Morris - Volunteer Coordinator

Hawthorne Community Center Volunteers

  • Samantha Hines
  • Elizabeth Harris
  • David Moran
  • Eddie Thomas
  • Vicki Clayton
  • Lydia Kinney

We have many other volunteers in addition to the ones listed above that are kind enough to offer their time and expertise to make Hawthorne Community Center a success. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication. If you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities please contact our volunteer coordinator, Vanessa Morris.