Our state of the art facility allows us to offer a whole host of fun activities for our members and guests.


At Hawthorne Community Center, we aim to provide activities and events to neighborhood residents that educate and entertain.

Staff and Volunteers

Hawthorne Community Center would not be able to operate without the help of our amazing staff and volunteers.

Welcome to the official website for the Hawthorne Community Center. Our site aims to provide you with information on the latest programs, news, and upcoming events at the community center. Hawthorne Community Center has catered to hundreds of local residents since our opening in 2007. We offer events for children and families, fun activities for senior citizens and more. As the Hawthorne Community Center continues to grow, we hope to attract even more neighborhood residents that are interested in participating in our events and activities.

With the support of the local community, Hawthorne Community Center continues to thrive and grow. We offer memberships ranging from monthly to yearly, and members are able to enjoy all of the activities, and events at the community center as part of the membership package. Please contact us for more information on becoming a member of the Hawthorne Community Center.

Thanks for visiting the Hawthorne Community Center website. We hope you will come check out some of our upcoming activities and consider becoming a member to participate in even more events.

Hawthorne Community Center Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hawthorne Community Center is to offer programing that will enrich the lives of neighborhood youth. We also aim to provide family friendly programming and activities to allow people of all ages to participate in our events. Through our events and activities we aim to create a tighter knit community.